Cognitive Sustainability (CogSust) is open access double-blind reviewed scientific, internationally listed, opinion-leading, interdisciplinary journal. Its mission is to enrich and revitalize the scientific community through collaboration and synergies between different disciplines, to present the results of research topics that span the dimensions of sustainability, and to help position innovative and multidisciplinary topics.

Cognitive Sustainability investigates the links between the research areas of sustainability and cognitive sciences. Sustainability can be interpreted as an environmental discipline issue in the first approach or as an engineering challenge in a wider range of interpretations, but can actually be interpreted in many more disciplines. 

The key aim of CogSust is to provide a holistic view of how sustainability in a broader aspect can be understood, described (modelled), and optimized for human value creation with the use of the tools of the cognitive sciences.  It results in a deeper merge of artificial and biological cognitive systems with engineering applications.

Average acceptance rate (2022): 58%

Average time to accept (2022): 36 days

Desk reject rate (2022): 23%

Average time to reject (2022): 6 days 

*As of Sep/2023

Vol. 3 No. 2 (2024): Cognitive Sustainability

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